We melt together like Tygers…

One Stormy Night – Monsoon Mix Aug 2005 – DJ Munk

The above soundfile is big, almost an hour long and 128k stereo. It is best experienced in good headphones or a very powerful stereo system in the twilight hour just after sunset. Note that there’s about 90 seconds of silence at the beginning of the file where I was trying to figure out what mixer channel the ambient mics out front of the house were on. Be patient – and allow yourself to be immersed.

Some info and a download link to the original Mystic Mood’s Orchestra’s “One Stormy Night”.

The old console stereo (I've made a few additions to the old gal)

The nice thing about console stereo cabinets is that they conveniently double as typing stations. (:

Updated: April 10, 2011 — 5:21 pm


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  1. Very cool track. Would definitely like to hear a letterpress machine version.

  2. Nice monsoon mix, but amid all that water noise I’m just nipping to the toilet

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