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  1. I have to say I’m in the original shell camp but if you like it enough to use it I’m all for it. Is paint the best way to go or would ink staining be an option, as I did to the HH (about which I feel much the same as you to this one, that the fun is in using it not in the output).

    1. Well, Adwoa (I finally figured out how to spell it) has successfully painted one of these L35 shells red, so I’m going to try the old spray paint route, assuming I can find the right colors (Krylon makes Lettera 32 Blue, right?).

      I’m not real sure what “ink staining” is anyway :D

  2. My local St. Vinnie’s has been void of typewriters recently — sigh.

    I hope your quest for The Perfect Typewriter hasn’t been 100% fulfilled, because that idealistic desire is what keeps us looking and discovering more and more curiosities.

    1. I suppose I still will snatch up anything that shows up in the Goodwill across the street (gotta keep the CTP count up), and I’ll be on the lookout for a Lettera 32 in either Techno or Elite (or any interesting typeface other than Pica), in which case I’d swap the insides again, but yeah – my urge to drive all over creation scouring thrift stores and yard sales seems to have abated for now.

  3. Yay! I finally get my name spelled correctly, thanks :-)

    Yeah, our Lettera 35 took to spray paint like the proverbial duck to water… it was really quite magical. The textured finish gives the paint something to hold on to.

    I myself have greatly lessened the intensity of my hunts; to think I used to take the train all over Switzerland visiting thrift stores last year! Still, I felt rather strong pangs when I missed the chance at a Skyriter on Saturday… those are rare as hen’s teeth here. I have enough fine machines that I am no longer actively seeking, but the desire for novelties still remains…

    1. heh, I imagine I’ve been dyslexically mis-spelling it ever since I started this blog. I always just read it as “ad-oh-wah” instead of “ad-woh-ah”, until Tori informed me last night that my typecast was wrong. :P

      My apologies, and I promise to keep it right in the future (:

      I will say that you absolutely need a Skyriter (pre-60’s are the best) in your stable. They’re very small and have a longer throw action than the Hermes Rockets, but are equally pleasant to type on in a way that’s hard for me to define.

      1. My brother found a 50’s Skyriter in Lafayette, in pica, with original ribbon spools. I’ve just got to find time to go down there to pick it up.

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