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  1. Ted, it is your blog. Your considerate hesitance is commendedable but if you have written stuff that means something to you, it might mean something to someone else too. You’ll never know until you click the button. Go on, I dare you.

  2. I vote you publish, but with the proviso that all responses, from flames to well-considered rebuttals, to attaboys –Be TYPED.

    That’ll keep things pithy.


  3. I enjoy an intellectual (and heated) debate.

  4. On my page those posts get the least response, probably readers are struck dumb by the level of banality. Somehow I suspect you will get a different response. I think that it’s part of what the machine brings out of us and I’d be interested in reading it too.

  5. I’ll second Mr. McGettigan’s proposal. Forcing everybody to type their responses may not keep it calm and collected, but should keep the heat down to a manageable level.

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