National Office Machine Dealer Association 1980 Typewriter Age Guide

Bill Wahl down at Mesa Typewriter Exchange was kind enough to allow me to bring my scanner & a laptop down to his shop and scan in some of the old serial number info he has in his large file cabinet full of dealer catalogs, repair information and other ephemera he’s been collecting since his grandfather opened the shop in the 1940’s.

Today he brought out the National Office Machine Dealer Association Blue Book binders and I picked out the sections dealing with serial number to year of manufacture tables and the font tables sections of the 1980, 1964 and 1961 editions. In all, I scanned 54 high-rez samples, and will be distilling these down to postable jpegs over the next few weeks. Loads of fun info!

So, here’s the first batch: from the 1980 NOMDA Blue Book, “Approximate Ages, Standard Typewriters”. Click the images for hi-rez printable versions.

Updated: April 22, 2011 — 7:05 pm


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  1. Thanks again for sharing these! I don’t wanna sound too greedy, but is there even more age lists to come?

  2. I probably should join, right now number of typewriters is under control but who knows for the future. Inventory: Olivetti Lettera 32, Olympia SM7 (2), Royal Aristocrat, Royal Quiet Deluxe, Remington Quiet Riter.
    Preparing for World Typewriter Day 23 June 2013…especially love the Olympia SM7 w Script!
    Grady Holloway

  3. Is anyone interested in NOMDA Official Blue Books? I have two 1957/58 editions (#3368 and #3912), a 1970 with revisions through 1977 (not numbered), and an Underwood Corporation Typewriter, Accounting Machine, Adding and Figuring Machines, and Supplies Dealers reference from 1940 with revisions through 1957.

    I also have about 100 old typewriters, most working minus hardened plattens, dating from pre-1900 through IBM Selectric (type ball), desktop and portable, (Remington, Olivetti, Roayl, Smith-Corona, Underwood, IBM, and others) that have been in garage storage since my father-in-law passed in 2004. I really don’t want to send them all to the dump but I need to clean out the garage to get my car inside.

    I also have a dozen mechanical calculators of various types from pre-40’s through the 60’s. I just gave away a dozen spirit duplicators/mimeograph machines.

    I have no idea what to do with this stuff. I am in North Florida.

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