1964 NOMDA Blue Book: Adler Typewriter Font Styles

One of the things I scanned from Bill Wahl’s 1964 National Office Machine Dealer’s Association Blue Book was the large section detailing the typestyles available to customers ordering a typewriter from a dealer. It’s surprising how many different typestyles were offered by each manufacturer, and a great many of these styles are ones I’ve never seen in the wild. We’ll start with the typestyles offered by Adler:

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    1. I think Bill down at MTE has a wide-carriage Adler with the Imperial font on it.

    2. I have a Junior 3 with Imperial Elite. It was a complete surprise and it’s my only Adler with this font so it’s very special to me šŸ„°

  1. Munk, thank you so much for posting these typestyles! This information can be so hard to find and you’ve done us a great service-

  2. Hi, many thanks for this fascinating post for a type designer. I’ve been researching typewriter typefaces for a while, found many styles but hardly no info on the design or designers of those typefacesā€¦
    Would it be possible to send me Bill Wahl’s email address? Thank you.

  3. Just got a Tippa 1 with 11 CPI Ro 84 Imperial on it. Thanks for posting this!

  4. Thread necromancy here, just discovered this post 10 years after the fact. Adler provided the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints a special typewriter using the OCR-A font, used for typing financial donation records which were later scanned at Church headquarters. Generations of financial clerks will remember this well.

    1. So I should be looking for OCR-A typeface Adlers at the Deseret thrifts? That’s nice to know. :D

  5. I have an Adler Triumph Tippa from 1972 that has a Roman elite size the same as the Roman pica mentioned but 12 cpi. They must have added after this book was published.

  6. Got a Triumph Tippa S with Esquire 88. Really like the numbers. Would you say it is a rather rare typeface?

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