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  1. “Favorite” is peculiar. I wonder how many people ordered that one?

  2. I have a facit 1850 and am wondering if anyone out there knows where I can get a script or any other elements for this machine they are not that plentiful these days.

  3. Script and cubic would be great. No point to having the typewriter without the type elements!

    1. I don’t know if this will help but Remington sold the Facit 1850 under their brand name, it is quite possible that the elements may be interchangeable.

  4. Nice to see this Facit specimens! Me and my colleague are working on a project connected to Facit and their visual communication. As part of the project we’re looking deeper in to some of the type faces that Facit used on their machines. For example we find Plakat 10 and Favorit 24 very interesting letter forms. When it comes to Plakat we know that Ransmayer and Rodrian designed that typeface and Facit ordered the font from them. But we’re still clueless when it comes to where the Favorit 24 font originates from. Ransamayer and Rodrian has a version called Toronto RO 44, that looks very similar but differ on the details where we think Favorit 24 is much nicer design. Anyone here who know what company designed that type face?

  5. With a Facit TP2, is there a way to tell an Elite from a Pica typeface just by looking at it from the outside? I know there is a scale on the paper bale, but just not sure what it indicates. I really want to avoid getting another Elite machine! Thanks in advance!

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