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  1. My thoughts exactly! I’m a member (or rather used to be) of a writing group on Facebook and all these “real writers” were not only poking fun at the topic of the article but at collectors in general. Needless to say I opted out of that one quickly, but not before making the point that real collectors have higher standards than those cheapie machines would offer. The personal preference of a typewriter is a very private choice and I don’t know anyone who would have picked a Godrej…Might as well, as you said, buy an Olympia from the ’80s. ;u)

  2. Maybe I need to read all the blog updates before I start making comments. I think you are making the same points I made, elsewhere.

    Let us examine the logic: If typewriters truly are dead, then why is it newsworthy when the final factory closes? If no one is supposed to care, then why waste newspaper space to report on it? Hmm? The New York Times apparently thinks some people still care about typewriters; enough to dedicate a LOT of column inches to our pals.

    I’ve been thinking about a blog update, but I’ll present it here: Have you seen the prices on eBay, lately? It’s going to get expensive to be a collector, if the media doesn’t stop reminding people how awesome typewriters are. I don’t think the end of Godrej makes classic typers any more a limited resource than they already were. It’s just that more people are aware of it, now.

    1. Exactly my point. I think it’s one of those “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” deals, where every news story that pops up regardless of tone, as long as it features typewriters, is going to be a boost for the cause. Ebay prices seem to be tracking the trend as well – higher demand equals more recruits for the ink-stained army! :D

  3. I’ve never gotten my hands on a Godrej, but I would guess that they are fine machines. They’re not cheap, plastic portables, but serious office machines.

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