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  1. Ha! I just google news’d up the latest batch of “The Typewriter is dead” stories and found a bunch that are now declaring that the typewriter isn’t dead yet, but all seem to point to Swintec as proof of this assertion.

    This one, however, goes deeper and finds that Swintec may lose a lot of it’s “captive customers” (haha! get the pun I made there?) because a lot of prisons are starting to switch to moderated email systems and phasing out paper mail. I especially like the final line in this article: ‘Though, remember — vinyl was once “dead” too.

  2. Heheh, further Googling leads to this guy in Peru trying to sell his grandfather’s Remington on Alibaba, a site where people set up large manufacturing contracts with third-world factories. I hate to even guess what he’s hoping to get for it, but shipping and customs from Peru would probably be around ten times what he could reasonably ask for the machine. Non-english speakers trying to write ads in english is endlessly amusing:

    Typewriter, Remington of the year 1942 (approx.), my grandfather’s inheritance, of one of their trips for the world. He/she puts on in sale for economic reasons. It is in good operation and in good state. He/she comes with wooden drawer to keep the team.

    1. I was going to comment even before I saw my blog article referenced. This post of yours, Munk, is as prescient an observation as any piece of contemporary historic journalism. You’ve managed to succinctly summarize the state of the Typosphere like no one else yet has. And my hope is that we continue to see the revival continue.


  3. I want “typewriters to be dead” so people will lose interest and true wackos like you, me and the rest of the Typosphere can collect more machines.

    I like the reference to vinyl. I’ve been collecting it and enjoying it since I was about 13 (now 30). There’s just nothing like the sound of a record. I’m glad that so many current bands still produce it.

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