The IBM Electric Typewriter Catalog (1960)

Another one from the file cabinet of Bill Wahl at Mesa Typewriter Exchange. The IBM Electric Typewriter Catalog of 1960! This one covers the various options and typefaces available on the Model C and Executive Electrics of 1960. If you’re a fan of these early IBM typebar electrics, you should be aware that Bill has a pair of Model D’s at his shop in great shape that need homes, so if you’re in the market, give Bill a call at MTE.

Updated: April 11, 2024 — 12:40 pm


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  1. Wow! Great find. Any Elite Wedding Gothic machines out there in the wild? That’s one cool period typeface.

  2. So now I know that I have an Emerald Green Model C Executive with Mid-Century Type.

    Backslant is a weird one!

  3. Though I prefer typing on either the Underwood or Olivetti electric office machines, I own a black model B and a tan model C right now. Interesting part about the C was that it was one of the last refurbs IBM did themselves. For many years people could buy machines that IBM rebuilt themselves, then put a brand new casing on the machine. Basically a new machine. I prefer typing on the B, though. Very, very light touch as they did back then. Just great machines though. Truly they were so much more durable than their competitors it’s no wonder they took over the market when the Selectric came out.

  4. Awesome! Thanks a lot for sharing!

  5. I own an IBM Selectric correcting typewriter with s/n 1427200. The service record indicates the first service was PM on 3/10/81. I also have 32 font balls, a metal stand, and cover. I am interested in selling it. Please respond if you are interested

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