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  1. Hipster Kitty approves of your typewriter case.
    Excuse my ignorance but who is this rich person to whom you allude?

    1. I’ve actually forgotten the name of the fellow who owned it, but his grandfather was John D. Rockefeller. Bill’s provenance for the ownership claim is some notes scribbled on a sheet of paper that he researched, so it’s not terribly official, but interesting nonetheless. (:

  2. I maintain that The Man Upstairs keeps us in suspense so often to keep us humble. I, for one, have a tendency to get a little too full of myself when things are stress-free.

  3. We had two cats. The one that used to like my typewriting ran away so often we had to relocate him. The other one isn’t keen on machines of any sort. She’s the one that stayed, not strayed. My favourinte photo is the Oliver’s crate, because of the way it is perched all superior on upended plug-in typers :-)

    1. The cats are pretty indifferent to machines, as we have so many strewn about. They like the lids and occasionally will bat at the keys if I happen to be using one.

      Heh, Bill’s shop is getting fuller and fuller by the week – he’s been getting a lot more business lately, so customer repair machines are taking up the space he normally uses for displaying rare machines. They’re starting to spill out onto the floor, which makes walking around the shop hazardous – I greatly feared accidentally stepping on that Remington, the keybars are made out of *wood*!

  4. Hammond Multiplex… oohhh… aahhh

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