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  1. That’s an *exact* twin to mine, blue platen and all! I love mine, as I may have mentioned once or twice. Or more.

  2. This SCM and its cousins are my most common thrift store finds. I almost always end up buying them. Someone or other will appreciate a free typewriter and I’ll enjoy fixing it up.

  3. Mmmust….nnnnot….eeeeeven….ccccconsiddder…..llllllooooooking….aaaaaat…..aaaaanything……yyyounger…thththththaaaan….meeeeee……
    Tempting though.

  4. Does that badge in the type basket say jewelled escapement?

  5. Nice find, you lucky you.
    Congratulations, Ted!

  6. Galaxies seem to be popping up in thrift stores all over the place lately. I found a Galaxie Twelve a little over a week ago, saw another one in a different store a few days ago, and now I see that you’ve found one as well. Perhaps there is some sort of mass sell-off of which we are unaware? Hey, I’d take it.

    Nice looking Deluxe, by the way!

    1. Only machine I’ve seen multiples of pop up locally at Ohio Thrift. Great machines, well made, and the price is usually right. That’s why both my kids have identical (well, nearly: one’s a Galaxie and one’s a Classic) blue SCM machines. Can’t pass them up, even though they’re common.

  7. I found a Galaxie Twelve the same day I read this post! I had to get it. I had to!

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