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  1. Cool sunglasses bag. Cool fishing stationery.

  2. Fishing! The perfect analogy for how I shop in a thrift store wilderness. I put a cheapskate bid on a nearby typewriter that takes my fancy see what it turns out like when it is landed in the net. Trouble is, you can’t throw em back. I think Fossil were just borrowing typewriters for reflected Cool. Next typecast in cool shades!

    1. after some thought, I’m convinced that Fossil uses typewriters as an image because it thinks that Typewriters are an example of a “fossil”. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had bags with dinosaur bones printed on them also.

  3. Of course you have some gilded news… look at that bag, it is covered in gold! And it is a very cool bag, to boot, what with the Royal QDL and all.

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