A Sterling in Elite, Teak Party Picks and a breakdown of stainless steel willpower…

The Brother Correct-O-Ball I passed up

Teak Party Picks! :D

I mostly just wanted the packaging picture for a future party/poker game invitation. "The Non Plus Ultra?" Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Par Avion! I wonder if I can mail these to addresses that aren't overseas?

My First non-Pica thrift store find this year: SCM Sterling with a bit of a skipping problem.

Updated: July 22, 2011 — 1:05 pm


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  1. Ain’t a one of us woulda passed up that Sterling. Nice find.

  2. You must be growing more fingers or toes…

  3. Mesa, Tacoma… I’m getting sick of these typewriter wonderlands ( :

    The teak picks are great.

  4. Very nice! I don’t have a leg to stand on here, I’ve been bringing home a few special finds lately and haven’t even gotten around to owning up to it on the blog… yet, anyway. Anyway, I’m always willing to bend my flexible “no new typewriters” rule when it comes to an unusual typeface, so I think you did the right thing!

  5. One cannot resist the lure of the typewriter. I attempted a self-imposed purchasing moratorium… It lasted about a week.

    1. I found that upping the bar is what seems to work for me. First “no more electrics” then “no plastics” and “no more yard sales/ebay/craigslist”, that much works well. What I have a hard time with is “no more SCM’s”. That’s the one I can’t keep, mainly because that’s all that’s been popping up in the thrift stores here. I’ve even managed to cut my thriftin’ runs to no more than 2 per week, but I keep hoping that something other than black plastic suitcases will show up.

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