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  1. That tackle box is a classic! The ultimate accessory for the amateur cocktail maestro. I sense a drinking game coming on involving typewriters…

  2. TUI ?

    Man, from here in 101 degree Philadelphia, that ice crusher looks pretty dang good.

  3. It’s been raining non-stop here, so I can’t really comment on the ice.

    But… I feel all left out of Google +! I am hearing about it all over the place, I snuck over to the website, and it’s apparently full. I wasn’t even invited :( I suppose they’re rolling it out in the US first before taking it everywhere else, but still. I want in on the fun…

    1. You’re now invited! :D

  4. “Tastes like a campfire tastes,” huh? I’ll take one, por favor.

  5. Oops, I quoted you incorrectly. I’m sure you know what I meant.

  6. That sounds delicious. And that is the single best use of a tackle box I have ever seen. I am in awe.

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