Last days of Summer, A Typewriter on Every Desk and a Stained Green Hi-Fi

I have not bought any typewriters lately. I’m just too broke. I do occasionally hit the Thrifts, and usually see untempting electrics or nothing at all. The only thing of note to turn up was this older Swintec. I’ve never seen a Swintec in the wild, so I felt compelled to take a snapshot.

On a more fun note, I saw this fifties-era Hoffman Hi-Fi cabinet at a Goodwill. It was in fantastic condition, and the only thing that stopped me from taking it home was the odd green stained finish. It would clash really badly with everything.

Hoffman Hi-Fi with seperate left channel speaker.

The badge on the back. The sign of a hand-crafted Hi-Fi, put together with real soldering irons by Americans.

All the twiddly knobs that a man with a cocktail on one hand can handle...

I open up the phonograph cubbyhole to find the soundtrack to "Breakfast at Tiffany's" pre-loaded and ready to go.

Updated: September 24, 2011 — 1:48 pm


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  1. love the hifi! It’s especially tough with furniture-sized things.

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