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  1. Very nice. I wish I’d had this before I tried removing the platen from my Ambassador and screwed it up beyond all hope.

  2. I reckon Georg over at typewriters.ch will grab a copy of this. Certainly more thorough than the average typewriter guide, more of a workshop manual. Wonder if this sort of thing calls for an online library? Bet you are way ahead of me on that one :-)

  3. Thank you very much for posting this. I’ve just acquired one, and will be giving it a thorough cleaning. The font is different – very small, in contrast to the huge size of the machine. It will take some getting used to.


    Last year I stumbled upon a “new in box” Ambassador that had been sitting in the corner of a shop for 30 years or more.

    BUT the manual is in German….

  5. Does anyone have a working Ambassador who could type me samples from it? I have samples from a 1969 Cherokee-syllabary Ambassador, and I have made a font from the samples, but I’d really like to add in the Latin letters as well. Basically I’d look for several clean samples on paper, posted to me for scanning.

    Michael Everson
    everson a-t- evertype -do-t- com please.

    1. You prolly wouldn’t so much need an Ambassador so much as you’d need some European typewriter with the same general typeface, as most of them sourced their typeslugs from one of a handful of typeface foundries. Suggest finding out what Latin typeface is fairly close and using that. Here’s a list of typefaces that Hermes used:

      You might also find the Ransmayer – Rodrian type foundry catalogs to be of interest:

      1. Really hard to tell from those samples, because (many) Cherokee letters look like upper-case Latin and those samples only have a capital T in them! Any more complete type samples available?

  6. Hi, Could you point me in the right direction as to where I can get hold of two rubber retaining grommets located on the rear inspection cover of the typewriter?
    Many Thanks

  7. Hi there,

    I have been given one of these monster typewriters, it all works but is there a manual to be found anywhere online? Mine has the carbon spools as well, what is the benefit of carbon spools? Better than ink as they dont dry out?

    Thanks all,

    1. The manual is right here in this post. (:
      Carbon spools are fine until you run out – the carbon ribbon hasn’t been made in decades, so finding more will be very difficult.

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