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  1. Very well stated. Thanks for maintaining a sense of reality.

    There is an impressive scene in the 1991 film “Grand Canyon” where a producer of violent films, played by Steve Martin, gets shot in the leg during a mugging, I believe. He writhes in agony and pees himself. Probably the most realistic shooting I’ve seen on screen.

  2. Yeah, plus shooting someone in the back isn’t done in the best circles.

    I also read somewhere about hydrostatic shock that it works like this: say a 15 gram .45 bullet is traveling around the speed of sound when it hits you, where it stops. Due to the laws of motion, this means that 15 grams of your body must now accelerate to the speed of sound in order to stop it. Which in turn transfers that energy to the surrounding tissues.Which in turn does not result in a manly stagger and the resumption of your duties as a rogue cop who breaks all the rules but gets results.

  3. You know, I live in Texas where we kill people routinely in the name of the government. I object to it, but I’m in a real minority here. Studies have shown repeatedly that it costs the state of Texas more to execute a convict than to keep him alive for life. No matter-people still want to kill. As a Roman Catholic, I don’t believe in executing, just don’t. This is different than war, and it’s different than self-defense. How any people can just stand and watch others killed is beyond me. I mean, look at Iran where it’s a public enter- tainment like it used to be here. I was a health care manager for decades and I agree-gunshot wounds, knife wounds, all that stuff-it’s bloody, it’s smelly, it’s awful-and nothing like in the stupid TV shows and movies, and for that matter, nothing like the medical TV shows either!

  4. What’s interesting is that I’ve known a few people in my life who carry, and I don’t know if it’s the type of folks I befriend or representative of the concealed carry community (if there is such a thing) but that’s pretty much exactly what I’d expect to hear from all of them.

  5. Oh and the answer to the “why didn’t you shoot him in the leg?” It’s “He got away before I finished twirling my gun.”

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