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  1. Wow, Don’s blog looks very fine, and I’m adding it to my blogroll.

    Our numbers swell, just as the numbers of our typewriters do. The typosphere is growing and evolving. We are all connected by our love for the machines on which we write, but it’s already difficult to keep up with everyone’s posts. Inevitably we will tend to separate into more specialized sub-typospheres. This typewriter-computer hybrid form will no longer be a novelty, but will be an established way of composing blogs on all sorts of topics. Let a thousand ribbons vibrate …

  2. Nice Post. I thought I may be the only one who hoards typewriters! Just kidding. I do not have too many, yet. Thank you to the link. That’s a nice Thorens he uses as his header photo.

  3. That 12-step program you’ve mentioned would very very helpful ;)

  4. This is the big worry. I used to think, OK, it is just me? Honest, I had NO idea. Then, some years ago I bumped into a couple of Richards and a Dirk and a Davis. So, that wasn’t too bad. My minor distraction was nothing compared to these who knelt at the altar. But, coming out, as you might put it, and as I did about a year ago, regarding typing machines, and every rock you lift there’s another. So on the one hand I feel more normal but on the other hand – IS THERE NO END TO THIS MADNESS?

  5. It was indicated to me that I have an issue…. went downstairs one day, and discovered that my wife had left a note to me on the typewriter on my desk:
    “I think this typewriter obsession of yours is getting out of hand.”

    Is that step one of the program?

    1. Step one is admitting that you have a problem, indeed.

      I know of no specific 12-step program, but I do have a little advice.

      welcome to the fold (:

  6. “you awake to the realization that every flat surface in your house is covered by a typewriter” – LOL, it’s so true :))

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