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  1. pretty nice artillery there.

  2. Very nice collection. I especially like the Quiet Deluxe.

  3. Very nice typewriter. The KMG looks amazing.

  4. Hello, Kennedy! That is one amazing typeface you have there, such a contrast to the elite tombstone-keyed Royals. (Both of which are magnificent, by the way, I would love to try the QDL! Will Mesa Typewriter fix the backspace on the KMG for you, since that is where you purchased it?

    1. I expect he prolly would, but the idea with a project machine like this is I fix it myself (:
      As for the QDL, if we can get that smashed carriage working again (yes, it has the same problem as your Voss, I believe), then I think there might be someone in Switzerland who has been wanting a nice glass-key Royal who might wish to adopt one. We’ll see if the combined might of Bill and I can get that QDL back in good working order.. (:

  5. Great machines. I have a 15″ carriage one and a standard 12″ with italics. Built much like a tank. Best $5 bucks you will ever spend.

  6. Hi! I got a Royal KMG for my birthday, however, I know next to nothing about typewriters! My Royal has a few kinks here and there and it took me forever just to find out which type it was in the first place, and I was just wondering if you could give me some tips/ pointers for cleaning it up and sprucing it up to the best of my ability? Thanks! :) (It’s obviously my first typewriter and I cherish it)

    1. Congrats! If your KMG is really filthy, you can use the hose on it, or even better, prepare a bucket of lightly soapy water and dunk it, sloshing it around a bit to get the dirt out. Avoid soaking the keys, as they are just paper inserts under the glass! Immediatly dry it out – I use a blow dryer, and then lightly oil the moving parts with machine-grade oil (like sewing machine oil or gun oil).

      If it’s not really filthy, an easier method is to use a spray clean/lube like PBlaster or LPS-1 (get ’em at the hardware store – LPS-1 is expensive, but smells a lot better than PBlaster) DO NOT USE WD-40! (it’ll work for awhile, then gum up even worse than before – WD-40 has weird additives that are bad.

      Once it’s good and clean, most of the quirks should go away. The KMG is a true workhorse, and it takes a lot of damage to make it actually stop working. Good luck!

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