Not entirely an ITAM post…

I admit I did very little specifically typewriter-ish to celebrate ITAM, but I did get 2 new typewriters this month, and fixed one of ’em up. I also typed, if not every day, then a sizeable minority of them. Every day is ITAD to me. (:

Big plastic bag of assorted vintage notecards: $3

Unopened package of rustic recipe cards...

Ahh, back when first-class postage was a quarter. Mid to late 70's maybe?

Apparently postage had just been raised from 22 cents to 25 cents. Some envelopes bear a 3 cent makeup stamp.

This bank still existed when I was in high school, early eighties. Complimentary money/check gift envelopes.

"Route 66 on a Penny" touristy cards

Score! I really dig this sort of vintage card, and bought the whole package based on viewing a tiny corner containing a cactus.

The inevitable DeGrazia stationery that one always finds in these packages. It's possible that there are more copies of "Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass" albums in Arizona thrift stores than DeGrazia paintings, but I wouldn't bet on it.

This DeGrazia painting was one we affectionately called "Mexican kid pissing on Sunflower" when I was a kid.

whatever will I do with these?

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  1. A very interesting and entertaining post, Rev. That a QDL should be more user-friendly than a desktop is something I can relate to – it came as a surprise to me as well after searching for and coveting that “perfect” desktop for so long. Also enjoyed the story of your very first typer, which might serve well as a meme in the burgeoning typosphere. And as for the vintage stationary, who could resist? You may not know what to do with them now, but a time will come when you’ll be glad you have them handy. I’ve found that people love typewritten thank you-notes: “How did you get your printer to do that?!” Anyway, keep up the good work!

  2. Very interesting find.

  3. Ah, DeGrazia … a certain relative of mine loves his stuff. I refrain from further comment!

  4. My grandmother had a done of DeGrazia stuff, but I think it was mostly due to the similarity with her maiden name, Degrasia. I’ve never had much luck with Royals. I love them, and they are comfortable to type on, but any I have had under my hands have had some quirks. My Royal QDL was my first “hunted” typewriter and it is my only glass keytop model.

  5. I would love a haul like this! For some reason, not much by the way of interesting stationery ever turns up in our thrift store… I would just use it to typecast if I had some, as a way of adding some visual interest to the typewritten text. Also to write letters on, of course.

    I like the way your QDL writes the number 5, with a little flourish on the top!

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