Hello, my name is X and I’m a Typewriteric.

I insist on “Typewriteric” because it’s not “alcoholholic”. Of course, the instant I type this, “A Typewriter a Day” gets added to the blogroll. The typosphere is on the ball!

Typed on “El Diablo” 1929 Corona 4, “Adwoa” 1955 Swissa Junior, and “The Iron Lady” (pictured) 1960 Smith-Corona Electric 5TE. Ruler is a nifty wooden and brass vintage fold-out ruler I found at a thrift store for $3.

Oh, and this method of using my phone to take a pic of the text in the machine seems to work fairly well. Adds a little bit of captcha-style distortion of letterforms that may fool our Googleactic Overlords for awhile, and is quite readable. It also means I can ignore my balky scanner for awhile and still post typecasts :D

Updated: July 10, 2012 — 5:15 pm


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  1. excellent post! I got it bad-going all the way to Switzerland for a fix. I usually find new blogs via your list first, so you are definitely on top of things.

  2. Oh, man, that electric Smith-Corona is simply GORGEOUS! I’ve never wanted an electric, but if I got one, I’d want it to look like that.

  3. Yes, that’s very readable, and the photography is innovative. Love the ruler and the Smith-Corona.

    I am enjoying “A TW a Day.” Michael is a certified fanatic. I can relate.

  4. And to think that the Iron Lady was once destined to be a parts machine ;-) It looks really sharp all cleaned up and with such a great typeface. It would have been a seriously expensive beast back in the day and a huge investment for a correspondence machine.

    And yes, you have contributed to addiction with the blog and the awesome NOMDA guide, but you are forgiven.

    I’ve noticed the growing ranks in the Typosphere as well. It is hard to keep up! But isn’t it good to know that all of this quality content will lead to more typewriter rescues?

  5. Ted, ive actually been reading your blog since late march this year but ive scoured your archives during many late nights where i just couldnt sleep – overtired due to lack of sleep and the cycle repeats counterclockwise now since time is beginning immemorial to the end.

    Thank you for the nice mention on your entry today. i was totally surprised to see it. i do hope i can represent the typosphere well and be a consistent contributing member.

    our community has welcomed me with open arms and a warm embrace. you OG guys can be weary of newbies but instead, you are inviting and its just been real cool.

    i will start to do actual typecasts soon, well i hope to at least.
    its ambitious to think i can.

    currently, i write my blog in my right hand while i usually am carrying an 18 lb sleeping baby in my left arm. i do put him down in the bed but he has that sleep cycle thing where he wakes up after 30min and then you need to pick him up and rock him back to sleep, which he usually willingly and happily does. other times, he downright insists you carry him for the length of his nap, which can exceed 2hrs and has on occasion reached the 3hr mark. of course, if you didnt carry him, then he would only sleep 30min.

    so many times, i forget i am carrying him bc youre in the zone of writing and then he wakes up and i finish my blog entry quickly which explains many abrupt ends. its at that point that i feel my back and shoulder and its soreness and tightness.

    and why am i home? well, i am a consultant currently for a technology solutions firm that deals primarily with traders in bond and mortgage-backed securities market. its a niche business that for the past 9 months has steadily dried up and died. prior to that, i worked as supervisor and trainer in the operations dept of a mutual fund company for 6 years. this all changes this fast approaching monday where i begin a new job – i leave the finance industry for a new adventure at a supply chain/manufacturing company. i also leave my son who i have literally spent more time with than anyone else the whole 7 months of his life. i take care of him all day every day. i am sad and anxious to be leaving him. he is my best friend.

    sorry that was a bit more info than necessary.
    again thanks for adding me to the blogroll – i will shortly be copying many of those blogs to add to my own bloglist :)

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