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  1. Precious!
    And a decent typer, it’s a cousin of my faux bois Royal Caravan.

  2. I am skeptical about that Sprite’s ability to survive a tornado!

  3. Promises of your great grandmother’s typewriter can be deceiving, apparently. That is the last thing I would have expected, for sure. I’m glad to see that it is staying in the family with someone that will love and cherish it, along with using it.

  4. I agree with Ken, it is quite surprising and amusing to read this post and discover a Royal Sprite! From the title I was expecting some rather hulking Sholes like the one Richard is currently elbow-deep in restoring…

  5. maschinengeschrieben

    These late plastics are the typewriters I’d give the least survival chances in a Tornado. Is this one of the lucky few or am I wrong?

  6. that is surely one of the strangest discoveries.
    i dont have one to compare it to personally however in my mind i imagine something like this:
    my grandfather, who i last saw when i was 4 back in 1983 and who died in 1986, apparently fixed typewriters in the philippines as a hobby and side-work back in the 1940s and 50s primarily. My dad says that people used to give him some of them and my grandfather used and kept some of them too. My dad remembers seeing them around but he has no idea what happened to those machines. He thinks its possible that some remain in a long forgotten box in an attic at his sisters house.
    I suppose if my own son one day travelled to the philippines and we looked through that attic and located that mythic box… maybe expecting a 1940s Underwood (since the US Navy had a large presence in the Philippines in the 40s) or maybe a smith-corona or olympia since my dad remembers those in the house… only to discover a ibm selectric or a brother deluxe.

    still, like you, i hope my son would cherish that family heirloom

  7. Nice looking typewriter. It is nice that you have a family typewriter. How is its typing?

    1. I just picked it up this past weekend, and it types great! It’s in really pristine condition except for a little yellowing on some of the keytops, and has a great typing action. (:

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