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  1. Cute idea, but I think they’ve missed the point. The noise is a necessary — albeit welcome — environmental factor in using the typer. It’s clever, although the “ding-on-every-press-of-the-Enter-key” function would get old REALLY fast, IMHO. I’m sure that’s much easier than rigging up the software equivalent of the margin-warning bell, though.

    As long as nobody is keychopping to make one of those gaudy “steampunk” keyboards to complete the experience, I wouldn’t be too sad to sit in a room with someone using this. I’m surely more immune to the noise than your average coffee-shop patron, and it would give me the chance to show how really quiet some typers can be.

  2. A program called Tappy Type did this for Macs in the ’90s, before System X. It never amused me much, personally.

  3. maschinengeschrieben

    On my routine searches for videos to post on Tuesday, I stumbled across this as well – but I wasn’t very enthusiastic either. And I think they somehow messed up the margin bell.

  4. Richard, I remember Tappy Type! It was extremely annoying.

    I used it for 15 minutes, then trashed it.

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