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  1. I have to doff the fedora indoors so I would protest it being mandatory. The rest I can buy into except I don’t have that outfit. How about I shave with my late-30’s razor instead? Is anyone besides me even typing in TSA areas?

  2. Please send a coded message if you would like assistance from Svetlana Optima in the surveillance and punishment of the Typerati Agents. She enjoys this kind of activity.

  3. I knew I would offend someone with the idea of an expendable typewriter. Isn’t it better to risk a less interesting or valuable one on a journey or adventure than a nice one? Isn’t it better to bring a crummy typewriter rather than forgo bringing any at all?

    1. The Department would argue that there are no crummy typewriters, only ones in need of love. (:

      1. that’s why I use the phrase “stunt typewriter” – sounds more badass.

  4. maschinengeschrieben

    As mentioned in the memo, there are no good typewriters made anymore. But what about the terrible ones, allegedly still in production in China? These must be throw-away-typewriters!

  5. Sounds swell to me, Reverend. I’ll be in the transit lounge. Typing. With a Lucky dangling from my mouth.

  6. You know, I JUST got the perfect typer for such a feat, a lovely little green Royalite in a red case that looks more like a handbag, that will fit neatly under the seat of my scooter or into one of my motorcycle’s saddlebags. However, I believe I’d have to go era appropriate for my typer here, so I’d have to change up my frock from 30’s glam to 60’s mod.

    …Can’t I just dress like a cowgirl? And ride in on my penny farthing?
    (Yes, I am the first to admit I’m an odd one…)

    Now I just need an excuse to go to an airport…

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