Typing at The Monastery

Moneypenny, '48 Royal QDL in her outdoor spot

Indoors, she often sat, waiting for an idea to strike - ready to go!

For periods of time, they lived in their cases, piled with stuff I meant to get to. They were tools to me then, not collectables.

Genuine Potato Vodka, the official beverage of The Monastery.

Mmmm, tasty! I do miss the tile countertops in that old shack.

I absolutely do not remember what happened to this old Tiffany typing table. I wish I still had it.

It was the kind that had the lever-actuated wheels so you could either lock it still on the rubber feet or lever down the casters and wheel it around.

In those days, Little Jake was just for display. horrible, flat, shrunken rubber made it impossible to type on.

An IBM Selectric II that didn't stay in the collection long. I hated the sound the motor made when it ran.

A double rainbow at The Monastery

This one's for Cameron who loves bright southwest colors.

The best thing about typing outside at The Monastery? Eight fruit-bearing citrus trees including Tangelo, Blood Orange, Navel Orange, Tangerine and a "Cocktail" citrus tree that grew both lemons and limes. No shortage of garnishes for the vodka!

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  1. …and I love CATS even more! Great picture.

    Thanks for posting this interesting glimpse into your early typewriter days.

  2. Very nice machines. Thanks for sharing your early days.

  3. I enjoy the continuing cat and typewriter theme. I wonder if there is a Nyan cat with a typewriter body?

    I’m glad your mechanical friends have stuck around so long. I can only guess how many computers have come and gone in the same period.

  4. there are outfits that rearrange spaces using the clients’ own stuff. You could specialize in writing space redesign. They all look productive.

  5. Thanks for the flashback. Those hi-lo typing tables (not sure if that’s a trademark or a more general term) are great, I finally got one.

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