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  1. Sweet! More typeface samples! That looks like a really fun toy. I hope your plastic supply holds out long enough for you to have fun with it.

  2. This reminds me of those plastic sheets full of characters, which you stick onto a piece of paper by going over the top of the sheet with a pencil. I’m sure there’s a brief name for these sheets! They were big when I was a kid in the ’70s and I enjoyed them. They still exist — I saw some at Michael’s crafts store the other day, meant for scrapbooking.

  3. Nice label maker. We had one (along with several letter disks) in our lab in the 70s. Great machine and one of the first really nice and versatile lablers.

    @ Richard, I think they were just called dry transfer letters (or lettering). DATAK made all kinds in black, white and gold. I used many of them in high school making radio projects, later when I worked in radio, and I still use them today.

  4. Interesting, I’ve never seen a Kroy before. It looks like a Dymo label maker on steroids.

  5. Those rub on lettering sheets were made by a company named Letraset. There were many knock offs which still are sold today.

    1. Yep, I’ve got a bunch of Letraset sheets, and remember rubbing up leadlines with them back in the 80’s. Fun times :D

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