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  1. I’m relieved to see someone else does this. I have so many half-typecasts you have never seen.

  2. I, also, have a ton of unfinished typecasts (especially since I haven’t posted in almost a year on mine–life gets in the way). But at least you still have those unfinished writings. Imagine those unfortunate souls that do regular blogging. Do they just lose their writings to the cyber-gods? Or are they just little .doc files sleeping in some folder where the blogger will never look again. Ah, the power of physical paper will always be amazing!!

  3. Haha, this happens to me many times too! More recently, though, it has been with half-finished letters… after a month (or two!) has gone by and I come across them, I wonder whether it would be too embarrassing to just pick up where I left off and send them anyway…

    1. YES, Adwoa — by all means send them!!! :-)

  4. Summer is approaching fast here, and I get the feeling that I’m going to have the same problem – of the half done typecasts. Looking out of my window as I write this, I can see some burn-offs going on in the hills west of my place, which tells me that we’re on our way to bushfire season.

    And yes, I to have left letters etc. half finished in my typewriter.

  5. I’m in the minority here, as I can only recall a couple half finished letter rolled into a typewriter, but I don’t think they were left for more than a day. As for typecasts, mine are so short and require so little else (I don’t use a lot of pictures and the like), they really never spend much time on the platen as it is.

    On the topic of letters and embarrassment, I see no issue with picking up letters days, weeks or months later and continuing to write. It is kind of fun to read the change in mood or topic. Sometimes you don’t have lots to say in one sitting, but over time, it builds and makes a nice letter.

    My grandmother used to send me cassette tapes, basically an audio letter (which I would really love to do again with someone) and it could be days or weeks before she would fill out both sides and send it off to me.

    1. the thing you have to be careful of with taped letters is that when someone dies, their heirs often donate tapes to thrift stores while they keep written letters. This can lead to very interesting and crushingly personal thrift store scores.

      I have a digital rip of a cassette found at a thrift store of a letter dictated by an apparently mousey older lady to her significant other that starts off with about ten minutes of weary dictating of what was happening with her friends & relatives, tame as milk – then it quickly veers off into an x-rated masturbation-on-tape fantasy. It’s probably a good thing that her heirs didn’t bother listening to the tapes before donating them, but now a total stranger occasionally plays it on his radio show. :D

      Moral of the story: Keep the taped letters boring!

      1. shoot i best go find some old maxwell tapes!

        not uncommon, i used to dictate my thoughts and ideas onto those tapes.

        as for your sweltering humidity – yikes.

        is your radio show available on an internet stream or a podcast? id love t give it a listen.

  6. I see I am not the only one who has this problem. Not only do I find unfinished ones in typewriters or my files — there are the completed ones that only need posting.

  7. Now who on earth would vandalize a typewriter???

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