A Brother “Webster” XL-747 Typewriter and a visit to a far-away Typewriter Guy

Webster XL-747 Made by Brother in Nagoya, Japan

Ever so clean inside and out!

A fine zippered case in great condition, so dark blue it's almost black.

These are the voyages of the XL-747, on a 5-year mission...


Cards Against Humanity

Cameron Kopf’s Webster XL-747

Robert Messenger’s lengthy and detailed post on Brother Typewriters

Brother Manuals at Machines of Loving Grace

More on Brother Typewriters

Updated: February 5, 2019 — 6:08 pm


  1. Actually, now that I consult Mr. Messenger’s article more carefully, my serial number would date to December 1970, not 1974 or 75.

  2. Nice score, Ted. I’ve always loved that blue and faux bois combo, totally mod. The Brother portables are such snappy machines, and yours is in great condition. And that case is cool!

  3. I don’t usually type on Japanese machines but when I do, I prefer Brothers. I’m more excited about the repairman.

  4. I think i saw one of these in one of my friend’s dad’s old pornos
    mustaches and crazy hedgehog bush and a webster typewriter on the bedside drawer.

    great find!

  5. Very nice new typewriter. Congratulations!
    I was never too keen on the Japanese machines until I added a Brother to my collection. Nice typer until I type with it beside a Hermes or Smith-Corona.

  6. Cool! A good addition to your stable, and I’m glad to read about Duane Jensen.

  7. Webby is very pleased that you have a Webster. He thinks you must have named it after him, but I won’t tell him the truth or he’ll be sad.

    1. Heh, don’t tell the hot-dog eating monster that my beloved Tori insta-named this fellow “Eugene” the minute she laid fingers on it. I claim no responsibility. (:

      1. Aha – “The” Eugene Webster, chief test pilot of the Boeing 747?

  8. Ted, I saw the very same Craigslist ad and almost thought about buying it. I am glad you got it. The kids in my classroom love the Webster. It’s pretty fun to use.

  9. I am looking for a top cover for this model. Do you know where I can find one online? Thanks!

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