Sweet Cars, Godstorms and Size Comparisons

I saw this stunning automobile when I started off to go pick up my XL-747. I have no idea what it originally was.

God Himself had to drag in a storm this morning...

...so that I could type outside in the cool rain.

Size Comparison: Webster XL-747 vs Hermes Rocket

If the Brother machine had a flatter ribbon cover, it would be the same size as the Little Hermes, practically.

...But, if the ribbon cover was flat, the XL-747 wouldn't look like a cute, tiny version of the SCM Galaxie - and that would be a shame.

Updated: September 7, 2012 — 1:26 pm


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  1. Damn, nice car. I bet you have more of those in the Southwest than in these rusty parts.

  2. That is a neat old car. I wonder if it is a custom made one or a modified old car. It is super cool whatever it is.

  3. Awesome pics, Ted. And yeah, cool car!
    Didn’t realize how small that Webster is.

    1. Yep, I’m finding the XL-747 to be very convenient, and performance much bigger than it’s size. This thing inspires me to write quite a lot (heh, 3 blog posts today, at least one of which will make it to post) very much like my Royal QDLs do.

      I wonder if it’s the Elite typeface – they all have it. Maybe there’s something in the slightly smoother action on machines having a 12cpi face than 10cpi that just makes my creativity purr.

  4. That is a great custom. I won’t even try to guess what it started out as. The Webster appears to be a pretty sweet machine as well.

  5. I knew you had said it was smaller than it looks, but I was really surprised at the comparison to the Rocket. Now I will be giving Websters a second glace when I see them come up…you just seem to be having such a good time with yours!

  6. That was a really good blog for being so short and simple! Thanks for sharing.

  7. maschinengeschrieben

    Now I don’t get that name anymore – it’s pretty small, so why did they name it after the biggest commercial passenger plane of their era?

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