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  1. Good to hear of your success with the platen. I just requested a rate for doing my Hermes platens, but I think I will do some older ones first like my Underwood and 3 Skyriters.

  2. Great! Delighted to see another report that JJ Short is doing fine work.

  3. This may be a good option for my Folding Standard, and if I’m happy enough with it, then they just might end up seeing the eighteen incher that Behemoth sports!

    That’s a lovely Corona 4, by the way. Looks like a very happy machine, despite the name!

  4. I probably missed it before, but how much? Glad we have another option. I have yet to have this done on any machine. I have a couple I might consider. Thanks for testing for us.

    1. Well, prices are still a bit in flux from what I understand, and I arranged a partial trade-out with Bill for some new redesigned business cards, but I think the final price minus all that was around $50-60 for the recovering and my part of the shipping (my platen went in with at least one other one).

      Like Deek says, that will stabilize with time and demand, and having your platen be part of a batch of like-sized platens will keep the price low – but honestly, that’s pretty close to what Ames was charging anyway. I think it’s quite reasonable.

  5. An SG1 platen, which is big, as you know, cost $71 to recover with 90 durometer rubber. That included about $6.50 shipping each way, or $13. Meaning time and materials was $58, but my understanding is that number could decrease over time, with higher demand. Plus, it’s a lot more rubber that what Ted has on the Corona 4.

    In any event, I concur, JJ is the way to go!

  6. Judging from Richard’s Torpedo, which I tried last summer, a re-surfaced platen is a world of difference. Enjoy!

  7. I can really *SEE* the difference in the typeface with the new platen, similar to deek’s. The way I would describe it is “cushy”.

    Congratulations! It’s really great to know that JJ Short does such excellent work. Someday…

  8. I’m about to send the platen from my ’29 Corona Four off to the Shorts for the full treatment, feed rollers and all I hope – assuming I can actually get the platen out. At the moment, I have no idea how to get the left knob to disengage from the center rod(I am assuming the left knob unscrews & the rod pulls out to the right) Any suggestions or knowledge would be welcome.


    1. No idea – I had my local typewriter shop disassemble it, send the platen to JJ Short and re-assemble it all when it came back. I wanted a pro to handle that machine. Good luck!

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