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  1. I love the concave perspective on your photo of the typed page!

    What year was your Webster made, do you know? Mine dates from 1971, and has a different metal assembly (ribbon guide?) around the ribbon vibrator.

    Mine are more like thin, vertical posts, and don’t seem to guide the ribbon very well — it constantly bunches up on the carriage shift. Very annoying flaw in an otherwise great typer.

    1. D’ OH! — I just noticed your machine was made in 1970. They shouldn’t have changed the ribbon guide the following year!

  2. Hey Reverend,

    I absolutely love your posts! How do you get your typed pages sized so large on the blog? Mine keep coming out small even when I select the large option on blogspot. Any suggestions?

    :) I went to HalloCon once in Georgia. It was a very interesting experience. When someone mentioned room parties I was at a total loss. But, they are really cool and the people are pretty awesome too. Hope you have a great time!


  3. Nice oneeeee, love the font on the header!
    which typer was that?

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