To Health, Happiness, Henna, Cute Cats and Big Meat…

Weapon of Choice: "El Diablo" 1929 DUCO Maroon Corona 4

This might look like a normal black trenchcoat in this light, but it’s made of Cashmere and Mink, and it finally fits! :D

Misc cute cat pic: Leoben, fully recovered from his earlier health issue as well.

Tori has a new hair-coloring fixation: Henna.

The Brother, looking like a plastic-haired GI Joe action figure. We don't know what it ended up looking like because I fell asleep before it was time to wash it out.

The epic thing that happened at KOL Con 9: someone brought a giant-sized cake shaped like meat!

Updated: November 19, 2012 — 10:01 am


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  1. Go! You slim thing, you! Well done. Looking good. And whoa! What a beautiful typer!

  2. Looking good, Ted. Nice Corona 4 too, the unscuffed ribbon covers are objects of beauty.

    1. The ribbon covers did have some scuffs. Fortunately, my other beauty product obsession (nail polish) meant I was able to fix the scuffs with a near identical spot treatment. :)

  3. You look great! Hopefully you are feeling much better as well and that is all behind you. Ah, the aspirational wardrobe… we all have them :) Glad you can put yours to good use now…

    Agree with Rob about the unscuffed ribbon covers – a really beautiful machine!

  4. It’s not every day that I get to see a pseudo-meat cake AND a cashmere and mink trenchcoat AND a living G.I. Joe.

    Now don’t waste away any further!

  5. Very interesting set of pictures!

    It’s great that you’ve lost weight, although the contributing circumstances were not pleasant. I’m glad that you’re feeling better and can fit into your old clothes!

    Beautiful little typer too. I’ve never seen a “steak cake” — until now.

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