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  1. Lucky you! We don’t have any holidays in November nor such lovely weather here in Switzerland! :)

  2. Looks yummy!

    Here, thanks to leftovers, we’ve been enjoying 2nd Thanksgiving too — and 3rd, and 4th …

  3. My arteries hardened just looking at that… OH….. MY….. GOD…..

    Type, like you have never typed before…. and burn off that bacon!

  4. Looks very very yummy! Is that a citrus fruit stuffing?

    1. Hi Bill!

      We stuffed the turkey’s cavity with halved tangerines and lemons, as well as butter, garlic, and a whole package of fresh sage. We stuffed herb butter between the meat and the skin, which is why you can see some strange green pockets under the skin in that first picture. The bacon helped protect the skin (also flavored it) until the bacon was crispy, then we peeled it all off and let the skin get a lovely golden color. The result was a moist, flavorful turkey! Yum yum!

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