The Typewriter Database: Hermes serial number age list updated!

The Hermes page has been completely overhauled and updated:

Patria/Swissa page updated with some numbers for Swissa:

The Hermes, Swissa, Adler and Royal pages have all been updated to include the factory original platen diameters for various models. This should be helpful if you need to get your platen re-covered. (:

Updated: January 11, 2013 — 12:07 am


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  1. Thanks, Thanks, and more Thanks for all of the work you are doing to keep us all informed. You are providing a very valuable service to the Typosphere.

  2. maschinengeschrieben

    Outstanding work, Ted! Thank you!

    1. I seem to have a model like your pics of a hermes3000 1965. But…the serial number suggests its a 1966 which is a different body style. Serial # 3337770. Maybe I have the last of the run of the 65 model?
      I also have a question, I have seen Joe vancleaf mention your book. I would like to purchase it. Could you send me a link to do so?

  3. You are a serial number beast!

    The only problem I have is that I dislike my Hermes 3000 so much that I don’t care when it was made. :-) I think I’m in the minority with my H3000 hatred so I’m sure this reference will be well received and useful!

  4. Typosphere Certificate of Merit due. Nice work, you have been busy.

    1. Hi! I have a beautiful Hermes 3000 typewriter that types in cursive! I love it. The serial number is 3243769. Can you tell me when it was made?
      Thank you so much.

  5. i have a hermes 3000 wide carriage.
    where would I find the serial number.
    leble on the back says:
    Made in France for Paillard S.A. Yverdon Switzerland
    Distributed in USA by Paillard Inc.
    1900 Lower Road, Linden, New Jersey

    thanks. Ed

    1. Hermes 3000 serial number is located by taking off the ribbon cover. It’s on the left side just in front of the left ribbon spool, stamped on a metal tab that’s bent to lean upwards for easier viewing.

  6. Peter Charlesworth

    I would be most grateful if you could give me some guidance on how to locate the serial number on a Hermes 2000 portable typewriter.
    An online copy of the manual for the typewriter suggests that it is “engraved at the rear to the right”, but I am unable to locate it there (or anywhere else that is obvious!). However, the picture of the typewriter in that manual is subtly different from mine, in that the “Hermes 2000” logo is on what appears to be a small oblong plaque, situated on the upper left front of the machine, as you look at it. On my machine, the logo is stenciled centrally on the front, with the number 2000 below and slightly overlapping the bottom of the letter ES of HERMES.

    1. It’s been a year or so since I’ve had one, but I seem to remember it’s in a similar place as the Royal portables: move the carriage all the way to either side and check the back top behind the carriage rails. I think it’s engraved on the frame and visible through a cut-out window.

      1. Peter Charlesworth

        That did it! Thanks very much for your help.

  7. We have found a beautiful Hermes 3000 portable typewriter the serial # 3161193 I looked on the serial # data base but I didn’t find it I’m just trying to figure out the age . If you can help that would be great . Thanks Cindy

  8. I purchased a Hermes 3000 on Craigslist for a song. The number I found inside is 3138680. Could you help me date this please,

  9. I just bought a Hermes 3000. The carriage spring is disconnected so the space bar and the letters do not advance. I think we have to tension the spring, put it in place and tighten the nut but it looks like we need to remove the case to do that. Is there a repair manual available? Thank you in advance.

    1. Nope, we don’t have any Hermes service manuals. still looking.

    2. Hi I just bought a baby Hermes, serial number is 113920. Could you give me a date on it . Works wonderfully. Thanks

  10. Hi there.
    The serial number on my Hermes 3000 is: 7045468.
    I do not see this number on your list.
    Do you know the year? Any information you could give me is appreciated!
    Thank you! :)

  11. Hi there i have a Hermes typewriter serial # 5136556-suisse. It looks like a Baby but does not say that next to Hermes on top of typewriter. Would love to know what it is thanks

  12. I’ve been typing on Hermes 3000s since the early 1970’s, and now, own several, although my faviorite is the pica. Recently found Techno-Square Pica – not bad!
    At least three decades ago, I sent for a parts book from Paillard and it was LOST by someone who was going to photocopy it for me.

    Might anyone have this parts book, or a genuine service manual for the 3000 which I could copy?

    1. If you find one, let me know. That’s one I haven’t found a service or parts manual for.

  13. My uncle has a Hermes 3000 serial #3156239 mint condition what is the year and value?

  14. Thanks for all your information. I have a Hermes 3000 I just had tuned up after I rediscovered it. 5545558 is stamped inside. Do you know what year was it made?

  15. hermes rocket SN 5452463

  16. Hermes Baby 6137296

  17. Got a Hermès 3000 serial number 3437509. What year was it made?

  18. Munk, what is the best way for me to find a hermes 3000 typewriter. Im looking for one that is in good shape to use. I’m located in Austin , Texas

    1. Define “best”?
      For me, Best is locally sourced – so if you don’t have the patience and persistence to ride the Thrift/Yard Sale circuit for years, then best bet is Craigslist, or if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere near a typewriter store, try them out:

      Should you wish to risk shipping a machine and don’t mind taking the word of a stranger on the condition of the machine, try Shop Goodwill’s auction site or Ebay:

  19. I own a 3000 “second generation” square top unit purchased new in 1970 (in excellent condition). At that time, the unit was made in France for Paillard. Then, the “third generation” square body units were introduced around 1971. Question: Where were THESE 3rd Gen. units made? I ask because people advertising on Ebay, Craigslist, typewriter stores, etc. just say “Made in Switzerland” for ANY age model 3000. Please advise. Thanks!

    1. Should say on a tag in the back of the machine. many 1970’s ones were made in Hungary.

  20. Hi! My Hermes 2000 has a Serial Number of 218633. What kind of info does one find with the serial number?

    Thanks for having this very nice site!

    Sincerely, Winfred

  21. I have my aunt’s Hermes Baby typewriter. Going insane trying to find the serial number. She stopped work at 45yrs due to vision problems ~ around 1945 so l figure she bought it before then… Can anyone give me some guidance, please?

  22. Hi any idea what year my hermes 3000 serial number 3389560 is. Thanks

    1. yes, I could look it up for you, but I prefer for you to look it up yourself. (:

      1. I tried on the database but couldn’t find the number

  23. I recently purchased a Hermes 2000 complete with case, manual and even the key for the front lock. It’s in beautiful condition, I’m ecstatic about this find. I was told by the seller it was from the 1930’s but reviewing online it looks like the mid to late 50’s.
    The Serial Number is 2160069 please date for me if possible thank you.

  24. miss catherine crone

    hi i have a hermes steel tandum watch ta1.285 cereal number 1828939 dont know what year it is can give me eny information thank you

    1. Wrong Hermes company, sorry.

  25. Hello,
    I’m buying a Hermes 3000 with the serial number 7023843. I cant find that serial number in the Typewriter Data Base. Does this mean I’m buying a bogus Heremes 3000, or a “knock-off”?

    1. It’s a 1970 model by that serial number:

      The idea that anyone is producing “bogus” or “knock off” Hermes 3000’s is quite amusing. :D

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