First Aid for Typewriters: Popular Science May 1941

First Aid for Typewriters is an article in the May 1941 issue of Popular Science which gives useful tips on keeping your typer in top shape. For tips on how an EXPERT cleans a typewriter, we need to jump to March of 1949: here.

And heck, while I’m linking to fun typewriter stuff, here’s an article in the Rotarian, March 1914, written by a department manager for Remington on “The Evolution of the Typewriter“, which I guess by 1914 had reached pretty much the apex of technology as far as features.

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  1. Excellent article! I immediately downloaded it with the Google Books Image Unhider extension (safari), which I warmly recommend.

  2. Oh! I’d never seen the first two before. Marked, and kept for future reference. Nice work! You must be pouring through thousands of online documents at the moment.

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