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  1. I’m a Selectric fan. I have a Red model 71 with the 11″ platen. It’s beautiful and types so wonderfully. The Selectric I’s are the nicest-looking of the Selectric models. I do miss the dual-pitch and correcting capabilities of the later models, but the Selectric I design is much more pleasing. Currently, I think I have nine Selectrics, seven of which are refurbished and ready to sell and the other two are on the workbench now.

    1. I’ve been hunting for the right model 72 for a while now. After some time I found one online. Much to my shock, it was thoroughly degraded during the shipping process. The case was cracked and broken along with a few other parts. However, the motor runs smoothly and all keys function as usual. But, the shift key would not return due to the shipping damage. I was able to fix that by straightening some bent shift components. So, here is my problem. After I fixed the shift issue, I put on the case and now the carriage does not advance at all. The tab, return, and index keys both work the carriage but none of the other keys do. Any ideas? Thanks

      1. if it only happens when the case is on, check the front margin rack assembly for any binding. beyond that, I’d suggest asking in the Yahoo GolfBallTypewriter forum. A lot of actual IBM repair guys hang out there. It’s been about half a year since I’ve dug into my Selectrics. (:

  2. This is a great, great typewriter — even though I’m not usually wild about electrics.

  3. Congratulations on the Selectric. The entire line is great.

    Even though I do not collect or even like electrics very much the Selectrics are some I would like to add to the collection if I had room for one.

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