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  1. Nice gear!

    It’s neat that Bill is getting these donations.

  2. Great that he gets neat free typewriters and all the extras.

    wasting paper? The owner and manager of one of the radio stations where I worked was forever scavaging any useable paper. He would cut anything with a place to write and make it into a scratch pad. We reused the news, commercial copy and everything that was only typed on one side.

    I save and reuse quite a bit of paper myself, especially when testing typewriters. My typewritten journal is typed on the clean side of junk mail quite often. Hey, it’s free paper!

    1. Indeed. I tend to not re-use paper, but I grew up in a print shop, so I’m used to all kinds of paper being in literally limitless supply and wasting it by the ream. Nothing I like better than to roll a fresh sheet of some really nice rare vintage paper into a machine and start slapping it full of words. It’s a joy that is unequaled with anything you can do on a computer keyboard, really. (:

  3. Ahhh, Purple and Red – the stuff dreams are made of.

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