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  1. Thanks, Ted. I’m glad to see your scans are square and nicely trimmed. I have an HH and this points out several features I didn’t know I have. Guess I was all impressed with that tab key—that must be the most macho feature ever on a typewriter!
    == Michael Höhne

  2. Another gem from the archives of Mesa Typewriter Exchange’s Bill Wahl (:

  3. Great! I’m going to make a PDF of this and add it to my site, with thanks to you.

    1. Great! If you make a .pdf, may I have a copy?

  4. Fantastic!I have never had a chance to look at one of the manuals for the HH. It’s interesting and thanks for scanning it for us all.

  5. Wow, this is fantastic! So glad I found it, thanks for scanning the whole manual. I was lucky enough to buy a Royal model HH (manfctr’d. in 1955, by looking up the serial number elsewhere on the internet), a few weeks ago for $25, in really excellent working condition….but no manual; God only knows where & if it had one all these past decades. So now I understand all the buttons & doo-dads. Thank you!

  6. La Verne J. Johnson

    I tried to print the manual that was shown but it only printed half of the info….can I purchase a manual from you. Mr. Johnson

    1. I don’t have that manual anymore, sorry (:

  7. My wife receivbed a Royal Arrow portable typeariter for her H. S. graduation in 1947. She still has it, but would like to sell. To get some background before getting into that I thought I’d look up some of the stats of the model.
    I found 8 patent numbers from 96652 to 2211967 on the inside of the cover over the keys, but I found no serial number anywhere. I did see some scratched numbers under that same cover that looked like
    4-49, but I’m not too sure of that reading.
    Any clue as to where I can find a serial number???

  8. My wife has a Royal Arrow portable whe received as a graduation gift in 1947. I’d like to have some addl. info, but I can’t find a serial number anywhere. The eight patent numbers inside the key action cover run from 96652 to 2211967. Any suggestions where I can find the serial number?

  9. My 8 year old granddaughter bought one of these over this past weekend. She is having a blast playing with it. I found one old typewriter store in our area and the gentleman there got me a new ribbon for it. Now when she types she can really see the words. I am thankful for the manual, my husband is trying to do a bit of oiling for her and now I can adjust the controls. I haven’t used a typewriter for many years but most of the levers and buttons have come back to my memory. In part from your manual. Again I thank you and so does Izzy.

  10. I have a Royal HH with the 1952 Manual, but I can’t locate the serial number. Does anyone know where the s/n is located?


    1. Look at the second photo in this gallery. This Royal HH has its carriage removed, but you can see that if you move the carriage all the way to the left, the serial number will be visible.

  11. Thanks – just bought a 1952 Royal – this is super helpful. It’s folks like you that keep the internet wonderful.

  12. I have an HHS model that I found in a closet. The keys are locked. If I remember from the past, there is a key lock for when the typewriter is in transport. Do you have any idea if this is true and where the release might be? it is identical to the picture associated with this manual. Thanks

    1. I’m not sure if Royals have carriage locks. none of mine do. I’d suggest checking:
      1) the magic margins. pull both of them towards you to release them and try moving the carriage. Having the margins set all the way centered would keep the carriage from moving.
      2) check the carriage motor band (the rope thing that attaches the far end of the carriage to the spring motor) make sure it’s intact and connected and nothing’s jamming the carriage from moving.

  13. My magic margin feature does not work is it a quick fix or does it require professional service

  14. Not sure what happen keys were typing then I must of moved something now they are all locked will not move or type looking for an answer to fix it.

  15. I have found a royal typewriter hh model for sale for $25. It has rust amd us currently siezed up. I have always wanted a typewriter and I am seriously considering this one. Is it difficult to restore, and for the price is it worth it?

    1. no. I regularly find perfectly working typers for less than that. hold out for one that isn’t rusty unless you’re real handy with tools and have a good source for parts. Haunt thrift stores & craigslist for a couple weeks and you’ll find something good.

  16. My son (10yrs old) is starting to develop a passion for vintage items. He just got a Royal HHE from my grandmother and we were looking at it and trying to understand all the features. The manual you shared was very helpful, but he noticed a few things I thought maybe someone with more experience with could explain. We couldn’t find an exclamation point (!) on the keyboard. Am I missing something, or would you use a different character in place of it? Also, the number row starts at 2. Did people just use the lower case letter L (l) for a one (1)? Thanks!

    1. Yep, Lowercase “l” for 1 and “‘”+backspace+”.”= exclamation mark (:

  17. I just bought one of these classics. the p sticks a little bit. but the biggest problem issomewhere around the 30 mark is stops cold, unless i hit the margin release button. any idea how to fix this?
    Also, any guides on lubricating one of these?

  18. Hello, I am about to purchase this typewriter, and I am curious to know that if anything were to break or go wrong, are the resources out there to have it fixed/buy new parts?
    Thank you so much for the Manuel! Very helpful!

    1. The innocence expressed in your question prompts me to remind you that you’re talking about owning a 70-ish year old machine. Chances are pretty good it will need some help. You can learn repair for this machine from this book:
      or PDF:

      or you can try consulting a professional repairman, and there are usually a couple in every state. here’s a list:

      Good luck! (:

      1. Haha thank you very much, you are correct, I am defiantly no expert or even familiar at all with typewriters. But I am eager to know more and learn!
        I appreciate the assistance!

  19. Agree with all prior posts, Munk. Love your passion for these amazing pieces of machinery. As you know people take “keyboards” for granted now that they are simple taps that create pixels on a screen. Nothing more satisfying than mechanically placing a mark on a piece of paper. Makes you think about what life was like BEFORE even these wonderful machines came to be. Like pens, they went from new and exciting (fountain pens) to goo-sticks that rolled out ink to basically useless in the world of text and digital signing. I too recently acquired what I believe is an HHE from the 50’s and it is wonderful. Like an old manual camera, alot of the fun comes from discovering all the functions of the machine.

  20. I have a Royal Ambassador serial # FPP7060607. I’m looking for a user manual and a repair manual, where can I get them?

  21. I have one that thecarriage doesn’t move when typing. Anyone know what could be wrong

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