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  1. Nice typewriters.

    I quieted a few machines using some 1/4″ thick adhesive backed felt I found on line. It worked better than any of the foam I tried. Perhaps because the same size felt weighs more than most foam of the same thickness.

  2. Just thinking about the sound you’re getting. I find it interesting that you’re getting such a pronounced result despite the sound-deadening being in place. The trouble with sound is that is becomes focused when encased, which changes its properties. The sound is likely to be coming either through the keyboard, or through the type-bar slip in the ribbon cover. On plastic typewriters, often an over-looked aspect of the sound is the part of the ribbon cover that forms along either side of the type slug alignment fork in front of the carriage. On plastic machines these are like tuning forks for the reverberation from the type bar hitting the platen.

  3. It’s a shame the acoustics kinda suck on this machine. The engineering is otherwise impressive. I like your weapon of choice and need to get ours out for some time in the yard.

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