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  1. That are some nice stats! But with all these projects and typewriters, your blog is hard to miss.

    About the hunting. Can’t you cut it in parts and tell everyone what you are looking for this week/month? With all these people around the typosphere something must be possible right?

  2. With all the work you are doing with the Typweriter Database I am surprised you have interest and time for anything else.

    Quite interesting stats.

  3. Woa! Those webalyzer screen grabs take me back. I’m going tho have to drop you line. I signed up on the database (painfully) but didn’t seem to experience anythin different. I obviously wasn’t trying hard enough. When I get a moment to focus on it, I’ll be back. It is now my go-to for dates. So to speajk…

    1. make sure you log into your “typewriterheaven” account. You made two accounts, but that’s the one I upgraded.

      1. ok, thanks

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