The Selectric III I’ve been working on here and there. Finally figured out the carriage return issue, and it works great now.


SAM_47282013-04-11-aSAM_4726 SAM_4722



Interestingly, the datestamps on the top shell and bottom shell disagree – I’m going to go with 1990 as the mfr date, since that’s what the bottom shell says, and the copyright date on the serial number label is *later* than the datestamp on the top shell (1987).

Updated: April 12, 2013 — 5:48 pm


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  1. My Wheelwriter 5 was very useful during NaNoWriMo. It was nice to use for extended periods of time. The 5 has an auto-center that is very nice along with an auto return which isn’t half-bad. The machine I received came with a carton full of other wheels. It’s loads of fun to use. Great find.

  2. I also have a WW6 series 1 that I stumbled upon on craigslist that came with 10 extra ribbons for a total of $10. I figured if I couldn’t fix it, the ribbons were worth far more than that. After about an hour of cleaning and repair, I had it working good as new. I have been looking for a cheap proportional-spacing print wheel for it, since I’ve never had a typewriter before with prop spacing. I’ve decided I want to sell it, but they don’t bring much on ebay and it’s a shame because it’s such a workhorse.

  3. pretty neat. I will have to play with the keyboard next time i run across one.

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