Typewriter Rainbow

I woke up this morning to a fine, beautiful rainbow supplied by Nick B:

The Typewriter Database, a storm of pretty machines, followed by a bright rainbow. (:

The Typewriter Database, a storm of pretty machines, followed by a bright rainbow. (:

Speaking of the Typewriter Database, I mentioned before that I had an effort going to obtain the old expired “tw-db.com” domain in order to point it to the new Database, thus re-validating hundred of hard-coded links that people have put on web pages all over the Internet to Dirk S.’s old site over the past decade. Well, it turns out I lost that battle, and someone bought the domain from the auction squatter that had it most of this year.

Checking today, I found that the person who now owns the domain has set up a WordPress site there and has replicated the Welcome and “english index” pages from Dirk’s old site. Apparently someone is trying to rebuild the old Database verbatim. For what purpose, I dunno. They haven’t loaded it up with ads or viruses, (yet) so it’s not someone maliciously trying to leverage the domain’s now crippled Pagerank to make money or spread nastiness, and as of yet, they haven’t actually replicated any of the serial number pages from Dirk’s site (the index page has no links). I have no idea who it is or what their objective is, but I guess if they’re just rebuilding Dirk’s old site, that would be handy for historical reference, although pointless if they don’t plan on updating the serial numbers. Not sure what it means other than it’s unlikely I’ll be able to get that domain anytime soon. ):

What's up on tw-db.com right now. no real info, but I guess it's better than a domain squatter's advertising page. :P

What’s up on tw-db.com right now. no real info, but I guess it’s better than a domain squatter’s advertising page. :P


Updated: October 2, 2014 — 6:24 am


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  1. Bummer.
    Looks like DomCollect is the domain collecting unit of an advertising pusher. They also sell domains (at a profit I assume :)
    Acc. their fin statement they made 4.3 MEUR profit on 140 sales in 2013 – must come from somewhere…

  2. Way to go, Nick!

    I had noticed this about tw-db.com too. Weird. I guess they can scrape up the old code from the Wayback Machine or whatever. But why?

  3. I was on the old site last month or so and found it completely uselsess. Whoever owns it did not do a very good job at anything.

  4. When I check the url on domaintools,
    I get an advertisement that the domain name is for sale:

    Tw-Db.com is for sale!
    The owner of the domain you are researching has it listed for sale at $198.

    Is this accurate? How about starting a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money? I’ll chip in.


    1. I grabbed it! :D
      Kind of overextended myself, but I wanted to snag it before anyone else did.

  5. Good going!

  6. There is light at the end of the rainbow! Good news. :)

  7. Well, it was worth reading the comments to see that you have since nabbed this site. Interesting that you’ve succeded in doing so.

    Better it be in your hands in the long run. Good to see. As for Nick’s Rainbow, that’s great!

    BTW.. I’m in the process of working on a resource page of my own. I’ll email you in the next few days as I’m going to link to your pages.

    1. sounds good! Note that as a Hunter, you can add links from the Manufacturer pages back to your resource pages, so if they pertain to a specific manufacturer and fit one of the categories, feel free to cross-link back. Tres yummy SEO :D

      1. AH! That’s worth knowing. Thanks!

  8. Awesome you got it!
    (So the DomCollect/Sedo ppl were indeed in the selling-on business then – feels a bit iffy, but glad you did get it :)

  9. Glad you snagged the domain!

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