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  1. Excellent work. So happy to see that this overall code has been broken and that someone (you!) is out there trying to physically acquire each variant. Good luck!

  2. The cutting edge of research on Japanese typewriters. Keep at it.

  3. Do I sense a “Comprehensive History of Brother Typewriters” book?

    1. I think I’ll settle for a comprehensive Brother Serial Number Page on the Database (:

    1. Not sure what to make of them. Can’t read Japanese, and the Service and Parts manuals make no mention of these designations. I wonder if they are on the serial number labels of Japanese-sold machines..

        1. Tantalizing. Still more subclassifications, but no info on JP-6,9 and 13. ):

          Clearly the Japanese market documentation and labeling made clear the designations and subclassifications. Argh. wish I could read Japanese :D

          1. Those subclassifications are at least chronological, increasing incrementally with each new version. Sometimes those sub-model numbers appear on the machines themselves, often indicating carriage width, as in my Majestic 812 with a 12″ carriage. One thing is for certain, the JP-1 name covers a lot of very different machines.

  4. Agreed. It would be a great topic for research for someone who has some command of Japanese. I’m sure there are all kinds of relevatory data in Japan about Brother, could probably nail them all down then. (:

  5. Hey, if I sent you a picture of a typewriter I just acquired could you help me figure out what it was? Based off a database I found online I think it might be a JP-8 but I could be waaay off. Let me know. Thanks!

    1. I have a better idea, go sign up as a member of the Typewriter Database:
      and I’ll keep a lookout for your account and upgrade you to Typewriter Hunter. Then you can upload your machine to the Typewriter gallery and we can *all* tell you what we know about the machine. (plus, I wouldn’t mind having an example of the JP-8 in the Database.) (:

  6. It’s done. Username is SlumSoldier.

  7. Thanks! I just uploaded it to the Brother gallery. If anyone has information on it I would love to hear it.

  8. Hello, greetings from Portugal

    Do you have a PDF version of the Brother JP-8 Parts and Service Manuals that you can share?

    Thank you

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