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  1. Gulp. 3,000? Who would have thought it would get this big. Well done Ted on a world class resource.

  2. Congratulations on 3000+!

  3. This is great! You deserve tons of credit, and I look forward to the new possibilities.

    Suggestion: It would be nice if, when I’m looking at the gallery for my Gigatype Futuramic, I could easily click a link to see all the other Gigatype Futuramic galleries. In other words, there’s already a link to galleries of the same make, but a link to galleries of the same model would also be neat.

    1. well, the main problem with that idea is that I’m not enforcing strict model name entry, so programmatically, it’s not possible to determine that a “1951 Royal QDL” would go after a “1950 Royal Quiet DeLuxe” or a “1966 Olympia SM9” after a “1965 Olympia SM-9”, to quote some simple examples.

      Hopefully, once the “research” function is in and you can re-tag entries for your own research, something like that might be doable. (:

    2. Ok, I figured out something – there’s now a link on each gallery page for model, but note that it’ll only pick up identical model names, so the caveat about inconsistent entries still applies. (:

  4. Great work good sir. 3000? So we have at least 3000 known machines in people’s collections. Interesting stuff.

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