Eight Distinct Models of Corona Three, as follows…

I took a trip to MTE today to drop off the books I had borrowed, and pick up a new batch. This time, among the piles I dug up 4 Parts Books from Smith Corona, of particular interest:

All Carriage Shift Models (1953 & 1957)
Includes: Corona Three, Corona Four, Junior, Zephyr and Skyriter

All Floating Shift Models (1953 & 1957)
Includes: “Smith-Corona”, Comet, Comet Deluxe, Silent, Sterling, Standard/Clipper, Super and Silent Super.

Same beautiful illustrations as the 1947 Adjustment Manuals, and chock full of interesting details, such as a list of all EIGHT Corona 3 “Models” or major variations:

corona3-intro1 corona3-intro2Oh, one thing this Parts manual suggests to me is that at least as late as 1957 you could order factory brand spanking new parts for *any* machine made by Corona as far back as 1912. If you so desired, you could probably have ordered the parts to assemble a complete “70,000 Series” Corona 3 identical to one made in 1912. Wow.


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  1. This stuff is gold!!

    And I too am impressed that in the ’50s they were making parts for ancient Corona 3’s. That is long-term thinking and the very opposite of planned obsolescence.

  2. More great information! Thanks!!!
    Could you imagine any manufacturer today supporting their product for 45 years? (I need an interrobang here) Shows that these old machines were made to last, and last they do. Many for more than a century. Computers less than 10 years, typewriters greater than 100 years and still going strong.

  3. If only more manufacturers had that kind of product support philosophy today!

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