Illustration of Corona Flattop and Inspection Routine

Here’s a little taste of the L.C. Smith Adjustment Manual for “Floating Shift Machines Before the 5-Series” which I have also scanned in.  This one is way thicker than the 5-Series Adjustment Manual, and is mostly text. According to the 5-Series manual, these two manuals are meant to be referred to together, with the “Floating Shift” manual being the more detailed and covering parts assemblies common to both series. Thus, they’ll likely end up being PDF’d and packaged together.flattop-1


Updated: January 7, 2015 — 11:07 am


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  1. You’re killing me with the wait for these PDFs! These will be really, really helpful.

    1. I agree …..

  2. Hi Munk. I am still trying to secure greater information with regard to my Corona flat-top. It doesn’t appear to be a floating shift nor does it appear to be the first generation. However, the serial is interesting: 1C-2163. Pictures are available in my gallery on the database. Did you come across anything about this during your last update by chance? Thanks Munk.

    1. I added comment to the gallery. It’s a early 1935 1C Series Floating Shift Standard/Clipper. Unless you have a weird carriage-shifted 1C, then all segment-shifters are “Floating Shift” even if they don’t have that engraved into the segment. (:

  3. Hi .. just found this .. can this manual be downloaded completely ?
    this is my machine and I would love to get this repair manual.

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