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  1. Congratulations on the fine looking machine. You sure have some neat thrift shops there. Nothing like that in this area of Florida.

    1. The Mesa Thrift, where I picked this one up is an odd duck of a thrift store. An independent with some loose affiliation with a veteran’s group, but probably privately run by a group or family of asians, who have a very odd way of filing typewriters. Electronic wedges are invariably filed in the electronics section and manual portables are always filed on the bottom shelf of the Automotive section (i suppose only the asians know why) and all other electric machines get filed in with furniture.

      When I picked this classic 1955 Sterling up in the Automotive section yesterday, they had a Brother SX-4000 wedge in the “Collectables” boutique of the store. Go figure… :D

  2. Awesome! I’ve yet to encounter anything decent with a reasonably not-solid-as-a-rock platen.

  3. Neat machine! I have one exactly like it in the same tweed case that I picked up at an estate auction near me. Mine is 5A469231, from 1953.

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