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  1. Until I read Joe’s post I never gave thought to these machines. Now with your post if one appears locally I may let it follow me home.

    1. You should. The Silver-Seikos are a nice machine to type on. Same metallic ping as the metal-shelled Brothers, but I’ve already added some soundproofing to the ribbon cover. Along with the new rubber grommets, that takes the edge off and gives it a nicer more businesslike sound.

  2. Very nice! I like what you did with those grommets. I see a trip to the hardware store in my future.

  3. You got lucky, the keys aren’t yellowed.

    1. inorite? both of my white-keyed Silver Seiko Royals have no yellowing on the keys, which I gather is common on these. The Thrift Gods are so nice to me :D

  4. Rev. Munk, I’ve registered with the TW Database (under the user name “JoeV,” and I’m requesting to be a “made” TW Hunter. I couldn’t find the “reply’ link within the TW Database site itself, hence why I’m requesting here. Thank you.

    1. You are now a “made” man. Welcome Typewriter Hunter! (:

  5. Hey Mr. Munk!

    This is Jake, I am a collector in the North Phoenix area. On February 21 from 2-3, I am doing a little presentation at the North Valley Regional Library entitled “21st Century Typewriting.” I will be doing a short presentation about the history of typewriters, show people proper method, and then let them take a spin on my machines was wondering if you could let anyone who might be interested: just spread the word. Thanks! –Jake

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