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  1. Man, that is a nice Smith-Corona. For some reason I have an unjustified dislike of the the Royal competitor. I nearly bought a wonderfully working like green Silent Super today for $32, but I couldn’t justify buying a Smith-Coron that was so dirty and had red felt pen written all over the hood. The 5TE paint is unusually delicate, and I couldn’t trust myself to clean it! Well, in any case, good find!

    1. Oh yeah. that crinkle paint is super-delicate. Just getting the spots of white-out off that ’56 Sterling I found last month meant lightly burnishing the texture of the paint in those spots. It’s noticable, but there’s really not much else you can do. Any kind of burnishing will affect the texture, just by making parts of it shinier. Best thing for any dug-in dirt on that paint is probably toothpaste, in my experience.

  2. Ooo, prettyful! It is indeed simple and stylish. The case is so Jetsonian. Congrats on the good find. My local sources have been completely dry for months.

    1. Keep hunting, you never know when the strikes will happen. I’m fortunate enough to have an extra set of eyes in the field, without whom this strike could not have happened, as that GW is usually not in my hunting rounds. Key Snap ranges farther east than I normally do. (:

  3. Congratulations! That’s a nice find. I really like the way the Smith-Corona typewriters type; fast, snappy, and dependable. The hollow aluminum platen though can be quite loud.

    That one has a much more complicated holding arrangement in the case than my Classic 12s do.

    Nice clean script typeface.

    1. Bill, note that that complicated holding arrangement is removable, so the case can be used as an overnight bag for traveling. One more reason to love Smith Corona.

      (No, wait. So then you hold the typewriter on your lap on the train??)

  4. That’s quite an attractive color combo, not the usual brown or gray. Yet another awesome find, Ted!

  5. I do like that SCM didn’t enable bicolor ribbons on script machines. I would pass up a Galaxie unless it had such an awesome typeface.

  6. I’m a bit late to the party, but the attachment apparatus in the case is the same I have on a 5 series silent super. I believe it’s a ’56, so it’s been around for a while.

  7. This looks pristine for a price of $24.99. I’d imagine it would be more than that. Glad you found it!

    If I could ask, do you sell typewriters or do you just collect them? I wanted to see if you had a particular machine, the SC Galaxie 12, that I could buy. Great Post!

    1. I do sell on occasion, but only via consignment to the local typewriter shop. I have strong negative feelings about shipping typewriters (they often don’t take well to the abuse that shippers can dish out) so really only sell locally. Thrift stores are everywhere, though – keep your eyes open (:

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