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  1. Congratulations on the find. The Quiet-Riter looks new.

  2. That is in fab condition! That’s a top score. That was nice of key-snap!
    An oh my is that cat angry!

  3. More spools gold! Would love to find one of those and just as intact. Happy ITAM. :)

  4. Good to know it went to someone who really appreciates it. I was tempted but I already have that one you turned me on to and I’m seriously out of room.

    Poor kitty!

  5. The Quiet-Riter is one of those…heh, heh, ‘quiet’ achievers. A little bit under-the-radar. I love using my one and am tempted to change the ribbon over to purple, but I fear it will be an inky process. My one is a ’55 also (I’ve nicknamed it “Marty” after the Borgnine movie, since this machine does have a slight middle-aged spread thing going on) and I find the carriage a little heavy to slide across, but it’s a great machine. I’ve been tempted to give it a paint-job. Given its shape, it would look cool in a 1950s black&white squad car colour combo, or maybe I’ll go for a more painstaking Yellow Checker cab kind of look. Not sure. If I do decide to go ahead, there’ll be no turning back.
    Congrats on a great machine, Reverend!

    1. Oh yes, it’s an inky process. That’s the other downside of Remington spools (other than the likelyhood of losing important small parts) – there’s just no way to do it clean. /:

      And yes, I think a checker cab-style paint job would look super-keen on one of these. I encourage you to go for it! :D

      1. I was leaning more towards the cop car, if only so that I could change the typewriter’s name to ‘Riot-Quietener’.
        But yeah, I think the New York cab colours would definitely stand out. If I can successfully lay down the checker pattern in a straight line.

        1. HA! You must do that! :D

  6. Awesome! Your cat, on the other hand, is mildly terrifying ;-)

  7. Lovely machine. Congrats on your find! :)

  8. I have three in my room and they all have good platens and type very nicely. My only complaint is that the key tops are too small for my fingers. Other than that, they are wonderful—if not often overlooked—typewriters.

  9. Thank you so much for posting your repair tips…I just purchased a Remington Quiet Riter on ebay, and it is in surprsingly fantastic shape. Only issue is that the upper case letters strike higher than the lower case. Do you happen to know where the adjustment screws are for aligning the type on this model? I would greatly appreciate your help. With thanks, Melissa

    1. I checked out the location of the case adjustment screws, and you’ll be happy to know that they are located conveniently on the bottom of the machine. I’ve added a location photo to this machine’s gallery at the TWDB to show you:

  10. You got much luckier than I with your Quiet River. Mine was very badly abused, and I have been trying to resurrect it for weeks. I have almost managed the feat, but have one gigantic problem: Anyone know how to rewind the draw cord spring? One slip and ZIP! it’s unwound.


      1. Thank you for the link.
        Turns out, there’s a sprocket that did the job. That problem is now solved. Now on to the misbehaving space bar and its jammed bolt.
        Many thanks for your site!

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